What We Do

StellarCG partners’ with organizations to grow their business and revenue with the strategic use of analytics, technology and industry expertise.We provide businesses with solutions in these areas :

Business Growth

Proven business growth and market strategies through ‘tried and tested’ marketing campaigns and engagement techniques

Reduce Costs & Improve Efficiency

Enhance business processes through streamlined workflows and boost profitability and employee retention


Maintain market share and leadership through innovation in new technology like AI, blockchain, data analytics, machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT)

Product Development

Shari’ah-compliant product development, including fund management, investments and retail

Strategic advisory

Strategic advisory on new digital economy and financial disruption through blockchain-based innovations

We find ways to help you scale new heights.

Growing Your Business and Leading the Disruption in Your Market Cluster

  • Business Growth Strategies
  • AI-driven & Blockchain-based Innovations
  • Strategic Islamic Finance
  • business growth and market expansion through proven marketing campaigns and techniques
  • reduce costs and improve efficiency through implementation of new platforms and processes
  • maintain market share and leadership through innovation in new technology like AI, blockchain, machine learning, IoT
  • We grow your revenue and market share through proven strategies
  • We reduce costs through streamlining your business processes
  • We improve efficiency through integration with the latest new technology adoption
  • We help you navigate through various Shari’ah compliance issues on contractual agreements, the halal economy, and new technologies.


Consulting Experience across ASEAN and the GCC

Business Consultation

for Enterprise Development Center of Chamber of Commerce

Provided independent consultation for various business-related issues encountered by MSME members of the Chamber of Commerce

Strategic Advisory

for various SMEs and Multi-lateral Organizations

Retained consultation for miscellaneous strategic work for a bank serving MSMEs, specific strategic advisory for financial offices, and the UNCDF as part of the Due Diligence and Review team

Market-based Representation

e.g. GCC-based Tourism Ministry

Ran all advertising, marketing and publicity campaigns for client to capture a niche segment of the ASEAN market.

The business and strategy plans for revolutionary platforms operating on AI-driven modules, blockchain protocols and IoT devices.

Created and currently delivering Behavioral Finance, Digital Transformation / Fintech and Islamic Banking /Economics / Finance coursework for public, corporate and MBA programs.

Special Projects

Handbook for MSMEs Access to Alternative Finance for ASEAN Secretariat

Primary researcher for a document that helps MSMEs in Southeast Asia access non-traditional financing and pointers to secure them

Our Value to Clients

Objective Assessment

Objective and independent assessment of current problems or issues. We will identify value and opportunities

Professional Evaluation

Professional evaluation of existing processes and tools available. We have helped a wide range of clients in both the private and public sectors locally as well as internationally in different sectors.

Innovate Like a Start-Up

Forget vague notions of creating an “innovative culture.” Implement the methodologies, tools, and incentive structures guiding the world’s largest organizations to reclaim your innovation prowess.

Responding to Change

Learn how successful enterprises have rethought everything from governance and financial management to systems architecture and organizational culture in the pursuit of radically improved performance.

Jumping to Solutions

Business intelligence processes such as data management and analytics define key intelligence information that fill gaps, seek answers to questions and provide critical advantages to organizations that use them.

Find Your True North

It’s not about the big strategy or the big idea. It’s about people throughout the entire organization coming together each day and trying to figure out, “How can we do today better than yesterday?”

Need Help?

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Read Our Books

Belief and Rule Compliance

Key Features

  • Covers the economic behaviors of Muslims and non-Muslims
  • Indicates when, and if, economic behavior confirms/opposes rational self-interest assumptions
  • Links rule compliance with risk sharing concepts in Islamic Finance
  • Applies game theory to understand behavioral rules compliance regarding Islamic Finance laws
  • Explores behavioral implications for creating and marketing new financial products

Blockchain, Fintech, and Islamic Finance

Key Features

  • The authors explain concepts in fintech and blockchain technology and follows through with their applications, challenges and evolving nature.
  • The book provides insights into the disruptive technology which can also enhance prescribed Islamic behaviors in modern economic transactions.
  • Case studies highlight how to cope with modern transactional behavior with the advent of global online/mobile markets, shorter attention spans, and impersonal trade exchange.

Beyond Fintech

Key Features

  • A practical book which explains concepts and follows through on applications, in the disruptive technologies for fintech, including the fusion of AI, big data, blockchain and IoT.
  • Provide insights into technology applications which will enable and enhance modern economic transactions according to Islamic values of accountability, trust, transparency, duty and justice
  • Relevant use cases such as asset and portfolio management, digitalized capital market system, enhanced insurance claims processing, advanced manufacturing and Factory of the Future, fully traceable supply chain system, modernizing social finance, etc.

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