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Some of Our Previous Clients and Their Projects

Some of Our Previous Clients and Their Projects

Consulting Experience across the GCC and ASEAN Regions


Business Consultation for Enterprise Development Center of a Chamber of Commerce

Provided independent consultation for various business-related issues encountered by MSME members of the Chamber of Commerce


Strategic Advisory for a SME Bank

Retained consultation for miscellaneous strategic work for a bank serving MSMEs


Market-based Representative for GCC Tourism Ministry

Ran all advertising, marketing and publicity campaigns for client to capture a niche segment of the ASEAN market


Blockchain-based Trade Finance

The business and strategy plans for a revolutionary trade finance platform operating on the blockchain protocol, involving smart contracts, instant payment systems and document consolidation


Online Bookstore Business Advisory

Client wanted to expand his offline business (used books store) to an online platform and we developed a business plan and pitch deck for him to secure investors and partners


Handbook for MSMEs Access to Alternative Finance for ASEAN Secretariat

Primary researcher and author for a document that helps MSMEs in Southeast Asia access non-traditional financing and pointers to secure them


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Growing Your Business and Leading the Disruption in Your Market Cluster

Growing Your Business and Leading the Disruption in Your Market Cluster

Overview of Solution :

1.Business Growth Strategies

2.Blockchain-based Innovations

3.Islamic Finance and Shari’ah Advisory

Our Solution and Advantages :

  • business growth and market expansion through proven marketing campaigns and techniques
  • reduce costs and improve efficiency through implementation of new platforms and processes
  • maintain market share and leadership through innovation in new technology like AI, blockchain, machine learning, IoT

Our Value Propositions :

  • We grow your revenue and market share through proven strategies
  • We reduce costs through streamlining your business processes
  • We improve efficiency through integration with the latest new technology adoption
  • We help you navigate through various Shari’ah compliance issues on cryptos, halal, ICOs, new technologies, etc

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