Strategic Analysis & Risk Management


Strategic Analysis & Risk Management is a facilitated development process that integrates robust decision and risk analysis to address complex uncertainty with a clear, optimized strategy. It is another level of depth and breadth beyond Strategy Mapping. This course is a good fit for a company or business unit that needs a strategy development process that is both collaborative and analytical.  It is especially suitable for organizations in industries where there are significant capital allocation decisions that need to be made in the face of complex uncertainty.


This training course is a practical, hands-on approach to modern techniques in risk management and strategic decision making for all aspects – including prospect evaluation, resource allocation, diversification and risk- sharing, corporate planning, and strategy development.

Participants are given an advanced set of decision science and strategy techniques and shown how to implement these techniques in their own business setting to enhance the value of the firm.  The course is an intensive 3-day course of study based on the premise that individuals learn most effectively through an active analysis of realistic business situations.

Course Objectives
•  Understand the characteristics of strategy and capital allocation issues which confront the firm.
•   Learn how to most effectively apply an advanced set of decision science and strategy techniques to their specific business situation.
•  Understand the importance of risk-sharing and diversification in project selection.
•   Measure, manage, and control financial risk.
•  Understand the performance implications of your firm’s risk taking actions.
•  Learn to act on your business strategy through the capital allocation process

Day One
Strategic Decisions in Modern Business World
Modeling and Structuring Decisions
Probability Concepts and Assessment
Value of Information
Competitive Bidding
Sensitivity Analysis and Simulation
Direct Choice Methodologies – Shortcuts to Effective Decision Making

Day Two
Financial Principles and Project Valuation
An Introduction to Real Options Analysis
Limitations of Expected Value Analysis in Decision Making

Day Three
Modeling Risk Propensity
Risk-Sharing and Joint Venture Analysis
Managerial Perspectives on Risk and Risk Taking
Measuring Corporate Risk Tolerance
Risk Taking and the Performance Implications
Business Strategy and the Capital Allocation Process

Who Should Attend

•   Senior Corporate Executives specifically responsible for corporate risk activities
Finance directors or Bankers involved in strategic planning & budgeting
•   Project Directors responsible for new strategic initiatives
•   Public Service Directors from ministries responsible for resource development

Course Trainer

Mr. Gregg A. focuses on Corporate Strategy, Finance, M&A and Business Advisory for a number of F1000 firms.  Gregg created the BTS/Strategic Management practice advising leading business schools on simulation technologies for use in graduate and executive-level curriculum, in over 30 countries.

Gregg is also an adjunct Professor of Finance at Drexel University where he teaches MBA courses in M&A and Transactional Finance. Following a research grant at NASA, Gregg began his professional career at the Palo Alto, CA Venture Capital Firm focusing on IP & Equity Transactions.  After working in Venture Capital, Gregg joined ROXIO in IP business development where he structured numerous acquisitions and JV transactions.  Following business school, Gregg joined DuPont on the Global Mergers and Acquisitions team where his team negotiated and financially structured transactions, equity partnerships and JV’s totaling over US$7.4 billion.

Mr. Gregg A. has a BS and BA degrees in Philosophy and Physics from the University of California at Berkeley, M.Phil in Philosophy from Oxford University (Magdalen College), MBA from the Haas School of Business at University of California at Berkeley.

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For cost and registration, please e-mail or contact Andrew at (65) 6336 5458.