Business Excellence Series


Stellar Consulting Group conducts executive training through its subsidiary, Anisa Hassan International (AHI) which focuses on  business and leadership training. Each year, AHI hosts public workshops across ASEAN enriching individuals and organizations through business and leadership excellence at all levels.


Balanced ScoreCard – KPI Appraisal System

Performance Indicators are often supported by targets that clearly quantify the desired level of performance necessary for the organization's attainment. The ability to identify and develop meaningful performance measures for tracking individual performance is fundamental to an organization's success.

An effective KPI Appraisal System would allow everyone in an organization to see their jobs not as a collection of unrelated tasks but as a sequence of activities forming a value chain that contributes to their organization's goals in the pursuit of that success. It provides feedback around both the internal business processes and external outcomes in order to continuously improve strategic performance and deliver results.

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Finance Management for non-Finance Managers

As companies strive to enhance their shareholders' value, there is a greater need to understand financial information, particularly the balance sheet, profit & loss accounts and cash flow statements. Non-finance managers rely on financial information to make business decisions, with the ultimate aim of improving business performance.

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Strategic Planning & Budgeting

Strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting are critical for effective corporate performance management (CPM). Yet many organizations struggle to come to grips with the challenge of effectively coordinating and managing these vital processes across the various functional areas. At the core of strategic planning and CPM are the important processes of budgeting and forecasting. However, the outcomes of these processes are dependent on how well they are linked to the strategic planning process, and the robustness of the tools and techniques used.

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Our workshops can also be provided in-house, which is a cost-effective approach if you have a large number of people who require training. You choose where and when you want our trainers to deliver. We will also tailor the course content to suit your precise organizational needs.

For consultation and enquiries, email or call Andrew at (65) 6336 5458.