Business BootCamp


Business Bootcamp is a new series of business start-up training programs targeted at would-be entrepreneurs.

These bootcamps are ‘starting a business’ workshops with a difference, and they are focused entirely on providing the “insider” account on how to start and grow a business in specific market sectors.


Concept :

The boot camp is an intensive, hands-on approach to strengthen a business idea of which, by the end of the course, the participants would be ready to launch their business, and hit the ground running.

Target Group :

The Business Boot Camp is open to aspiring entrepreneurs  in the early stages of setting up their venture. We also have a specialized course tailored for Young Entrepreneurs.

Benefits :

By the end of the boot-camp, participants would have a ready business plan with a viable business model presentation for partners and investors.
Also, they will be equipped with practical insights to get them started on their business ideas right away.


Pre-course Assignment :

1. Make a 10 minute PowerPoint presentation of Business Model Analysis in class to a panel of entrepreneurs and investors (max 10 slides).

2. Compile the following :

  • Opportunity
    • Define the market segment. What are the size and key trends?
    • What problem is being solved? What value does your business bring?
  • Market Analysis
    • Determine the market size, growth and trends.
    • Segment the market to identify potential entry points.
    • Identify alternative target markets.
  • Competitive Analysis
    • Identify the major competitors and evaluate them.
    • What could be your competitive advantages?
  • Profitability
    • Describe the revenue model. What are the key assumptions?
    • What are the gross profit margins in your industry? How determine?
  • Product/Service
    • Describe alternative products and/or services that you could offer.
    • What are the key features?
    • How would the offerings be differentiated from the competition?
    • What are the potential benefits?


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