Bunkering – Loss Awareness and Operational Efficiency


An essential and comprehensive two-day course that equips bunker and shipping industry professionals with the A to Z of the bunker market place, its structure, contractual standards, domestic/ international regulations, the refining process and bunker operations.
Key Issues Covered :

  • History and commercial evaluation of the bunker business
  • De-mystifying the bunker deal and deal makers: Buyers, Sellers and Others
  • Avoiding mistakes and controlling costs in the bunker contract
  • Fuel oil production, technical specifications and refining process
  • Significance of ISO and CIMAC specs and standards on buyers and sellers in Asia
  • Bunkering operations from shore tanks to storage on board receiving ship
  • Methods of delivery governed by ISO 13739 and SS600




Background and Introduction

  • History of the oil industry, shipping industry and bunker industry
  • How they develop into what we see today

Refining and Fuel Oil Production and Usage

  • Simple refining
  • Cracking and full conversion Refineries and their impact on the fuel oil yield
  • Wants of the refiners versus needs of the consumers
  • Fuel oil markets and consumption
  • Demand for and utilization of fuel oil in different markets
  • Other factors affecting the bunker market

Fuel Oil Properties

  • Properties of fuel oil
  • Specifications – International Standards Organization (ISO) and International Council on Combustion Engines (CIMAC)
  • Evolution and significance of ISO & CIMAC
  • Analysis, carrying out tests
  • Repeatability and reproducibility


From Refinery to the Ships Engine

  • Storage ashore
  • Fuel delivery
  • Delivery method in compliance with ISO 13739 and SS600
  • Importance of sampling, measurement, storage and treatment on Board the Ship
  • Potential problems and solutions for fuel-powered ships
  • Oil spills and its consequences in the market Place
  • Who are the parties involved in a typical bunker deal?
  • Who are the buyers?
  • Different types of buyers are there?
  • Different types of sellers and the differences between them
  • Other parties involved in the deal (sales and purchase of bunker)


Purchasing the Fuel

  • Fuel purchase process and the importance of terms and conditions
  • The bunker contract and its significance
  • Avoiding mistakes and measures to control costs Legislation
  • IMO, Europe and California
  • How rules and regulations in different jurisdictions work in practice
  • Impact on suppliers, buyers and consumers of bunker fuel
  • Fuel of the future – LNG, distillates or fuel oil


Who Should Attend

  • Bunker Fuel Producers, Refiners and Suppliers
  • Bunker & Marine Managers, Tradersand Sellers  
  • Ship Owners, Brokers, Charterers & Operators / Ship Handling Companies  
  • Bunker / Lubricant / Fuel Oil Traders, Engineers & Operators  


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